Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I've Been Copying: Mumford & Sons

Hi everyone.

Have you all been happily 'tilt-shifting' left, right and centre since Kirsty's post last week? Fun isn't it?

Well, since then, RosieBird one of our lovely loyal readers nominated us for one of these: I visited Rosie's blog 'Heroine Pretend' to graciously accept the award and after I'd thanked my agent, my family and burst into tears declaring 'you love us, you really love us!', I spotted that one of Rosie's latest post was about taking inspiration from song lyrics.

It sounded like a true Copy+Paste idea ... so I read on ... In her post - titled 'Add Some Music To Your Day' she wrote:

"For me, lyrics don't have to make sense, or tell a story, but they should seem like they do".

And I began to think about songs which stir up stories in me then, when she concluded her post by saying that she felt like she should make some art journaling pages featuring some of her favourite lyrics ... I knew what I had to do!

So ....

*Copy* = in response to Rosie's prompt and Thistle &Weeds by Mumford & Sons:

*Paste* = I made this:

Thistle & Weeds - art journal page

Because, if it's inspirational lyrics you're after ... then seek ye no more ...

"Plant your hopes with good seeds ..."

Thistle & Weeds - art journal page

"Don't cover yourself with thistle and weeds."

Thistle & Weeds - art journal page

Just a few simple words containing something of a huge life lesson ...

Give yourself a chance. Nurture your dreams:

Thistle & Weeds - art journal page

And whatever you do ... don't self-sabotage:

Thistle & Weeds - art journal page

Be kind to yourself.

Thistle & Weeds - art journal page

Believe in, and prepare for, the possibilities ... then make them happen.

Thistle & Weeds - art journal page

Well ... that's my interpretation anyway ...

The lyrics may not mean anything to you. And they mean mean something entirely different. It's like Rosie said:

"For me, lyrics don't have to make sense, or tell a story, but they should seem like they do".

My pages are about what Mumford & Sons seem to be saying to me. It's my story ...

...and I'm sticking to it.

For more interesting lyrics, visit Rosie's original post.

Thanks again Rosie.


We're always interested in hearing from our readers and have a guest Copier+Paster coming soon who's also a reader. Be careful what you say if you're on Twitter as that's where I recruited her after having an idea related to something she'd tweeted! My username is @notesonpaper if you want to come and say 'Hello'.

Other than that, you can leave comments, links, emails or shout really loud ... if you have anything you want to share!

I'll see you soon.

Julie :-)


Carmen said...

Oooh now then - I've had an idea for a journal page fizzling away in my noggin' for about a week now. Methinks song lyrics is what it needed. Definitely will be having a play with this one.

Gorgeous, gorgeous pages Julie. Off to check out Rosie's now ;)

SarahLP said...

Stunning pages Julie! I love the idea of using song lyrics.. hmmmm, you got me thinking now.. could tie in with a tilt-shift piccie I just had a go at! :)

joyce rodli said...

ooooh, I think I want to use this song....thanks Julie

Rosie Bird said...

Hi Julie,

So glad my post inspired such a fantastic copy+paste. Now I definitely have to do my own.


Hearthandmade said...

this is gorgeous! I love mumford and sons!

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