Saturday, 25 September 2010

3rd & Bird: with guest copier Hermione [aged 4]

Hi you.

This weekend we're bringing you projects from two special guest Copy + Pasters and while
tomorrow's guest designer Claire Salisbury, [aka Clairliz] has a fabulous feathery-friend themed treat in store, today's guest is someone equally as talented and their project is equally as delightful ... and I'm sure Claire will agree ....

Many of you parents out there are probably aware of the CBeebies series '3rd & Bird' , a warm, sweet and sincere animated programme which teaches kids about community and kindness in the most adorable and visually pleasing ways possible!

As a non-parent, this treasure may have gone entirely under my radar had it not been for babysitting a 15 month who's more than a little obsessed with it ... and I'm so glad he is as it's an absolute gem of a series. One which, I admit, I have watched without him being present and one which it turns out, is something of a favourite of Claire's daughter too.

So, once we'd already invited Claire to tackle a '3rd & Bird' inspired challenge ... it seemed in the spirit of the show to invite her daughter to play along with us and we're very happy to say that she accepted ...

Hi, I'm Hermione, I'm 4 years old & Claireliz is my mum. I love sticking, glueing, painting & drawing & I'm always asking mum if I can borrow her scrapbooking things. I've also just started school & I'm having lots of fun playing with new friends.
Julie & Kirsty asked mum to make something based on one of my favourite TV programmes 3rd & Bird, and they asked me to have a go too, I wanted to make a collage with the 3rd & Bird birds so I asked mum to print off the characters from the CBeebies website, which I coloured in:
I told Mum I wanted the birds to walk along a branch, & it needed sky & leaves, so Mum drew an outline for me, then we used coloured tissue paper to make the collage (Mum helped, but only a little bit). I scrunched up the green paper for the leaves to make it look more like a real tree. The little door was Mum's she decided she didn't need it for another project, so I asked if I could have it, she said yes, so I stuck it to the tree trunk, so that Muffin, Rudy, Quinn & Samuel can walk through it.

I really enjoyed making my 3rd & Bird collage & I'm going to stick it to my bedroom wall.

Thank you Julie & Kirsty for asking me to be a guest on Copy + Paste.



Kirsty and I would like to thank YOU Hermione for all of your hard work, especially all of that careful colouring-in!

We love your collage very much and can see why you'd want it on your bedroom wall. We're also wondering if you've managed to get hold of your Mum's '3rd & Bird' inspired project yet ... because we wouldn't blame you if you wanted that in your room too!

As for everyone else reading this ... you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what Claire's made, so until then, why not treat yourself to a cosy hour in front of some '3rd & Bird' ... just to get you in the mood?

See you tomorrow,

Julie :-)


Claireliz said...

Aww bless, my little girls debut....I'm so proud :D
Thanks for asking us both to play along on Copy + Paste. She was jumping around singing the Baby Jordan song after she saw this this morning

Rachel said...

great work Hermione love the birds, very creative just like your mummy

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