Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tired and emotional

It’s ok, we’re not about to drunkenly hiccup about how you’re our best friend and we really, really do love you, before welling up and, quite possibly, throwing up in a corner. Surely you’ve realised we’re not that kind of girl by now?

It’s more a case of our being a little bit tired, and a lot overwhelmed by your wonderful comments and support over the last couple of days. Just as we’ve appreciated them throughout Copy+Paste’s first year, they’ve kept us going over a weekend of marathon posting and hosting. I think it’s safe to say we’ve both made some amazing online friends thanks to what started out as a fun little side project for the two of us.

At the risk of sounding like a damp-eyed Oscar winner, we also have a handful of other thanks to hand out.

First of all, to our incredible guest posters, without whom it really wouldn’t have been possible. Natasha, Jessie, Ruth, Vivienne, Tara, Jo, Gabrielle, Dina, SJ, Miss Cay, Jack, Cathy, Carl, Corrina and Alex.

Thank you so much for your hard work and wonderful contributions – you have our hearts, admiration and undying gratitude.

The same is also true of our super-generous sponsors, namely Papercraft Inspirations (thanks, Jenny!) and Gauche Alchemy (thanks, Amy& Heather!), along with equally covetable competitions from Ruth at Sumptuosity and Gabrielle at The Green Gal (our new heroes).

If you missed any of the guest posts or still want to enter the competitions, you can click through via the handy links on the right.

Which just leaves . . . well, us. And we really aren’t about to get gushy over how much we’ve enjoyed working together, couldn’t have done it without each other and want to be back here celebrating two years this time in 2011.

Because that would be just a little bit too Gwyneth Paltrow for anyone to bear.

Thank you so much for sticking with us, whether it’s been twelve months, a weekend of partying, or even if you’ve discovered us for the first time today. We’ll be back to business as normal from tomorrow onwards – we’d love to see you anytime you’re passing.

Julie + Kirsty



Clair said...

And no standing around in the cold waiting for a taxi home. What a fabulous party x

Natasha said...

thankyou for a fabulous weekend!

Lizzie said...

It was great fun - thanks for inviting us!

cazza said...

Great party!!!.... and no hangover. Hope I get an invite next year.

Donna said...

Thanks! Great inspiration. I'm looking forward to next year's party.............

Tinkersdamn said...

Yay! and oh dear, I bought stuff. Not a lot of stuff, although I know I'll be hitting up Sumptuousity again for more presents (next time perhaps they'll be for people besides me!). And hooray for new inspiration! Thank you and once again, Happy Birthdaversary. ;)

kimberly.racic said...

Well, I'm one of those who came to the party late :-) I'm just discovering you today (via Cathy Cullis).

I'm coming back, though. You can bet on it.

Kas said...

So much inspiration all in one site! Thanks!

joy said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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