Thursday, 13 May 2010

Win. Free. Stuff. Reminder!

Hello again.

If I said I'd fully recovered from our "30 posts in 2.5 days 'birthdaversay' blogging bonanza" ... then I'd be lying. Let's just say that with the help of a day off work and lots of illuminating under-eye conceale .... I'll make it through the day!

We can't thank you enough for all your wonderful support, comments and feedback on our party. We've been thrilled at the response and delighted that our early, loyal readers are still supporting us at the same time that first-time readers are landing. You're all very welcome, anytime.

All we can do is promise that we'll keep offering:

  • new projects;
  • inspirational guests;
  • chances to guest-blog for us:
  • tutorials;
  • and giveaways throughout another year.

Until then, let me remind you of the giveaways which you can still enter. You have until late Sunday night [UK time] to enter [see each post for exact details].

*The Prize Challenge*

If you'd like to win a year's subscription to Papercraft Inspirations magaze [home of our guest-blogger Jo Kill, my brand new 'Scrapbooking for Cardmakers' series and Kirsty's upcoming projects] there's still plenty of time to for you to download Kirsty's fabulous designs:
..... add them to a project ..... .and enter the competition [click here or on the images above for details].


** Sumptuosity offered you an chance to win this beautiful, silk, embroidered handbag mirror - click on Alice below to be taken to the post with the details on how to win:

** Gauche Alchemy are offering a set of 10 mixed-media colour kits - click on the photo for more details:

** Julie ..... or 'me' as I like to call myself ... is offering a plain canvas bag and lots of bits and peices with which to decorate it - click on the photo and leave me a comment in that post:

** And finally Kirsty will send a whole party bag of treasures to one lucky commenter - click on photo for details:
As for those of you who've already answered the 'What are you like?' set of questions ..... thank you!!!! I've had so much fun [and even a few shivers] reading through them all. It's also been fantastic to see how many of you left comments for each other. It's been truly lovely to see you hopping between blogs and chatting between yourselves! I promise to reveal my answers soon too.

Right then, sun's shining, sky's blue have some cards to make and a baby to visit ..... year 2 of Copy+Paste is treating me kindly so far!

Julie x


Sarah said...

What glorious giveaways! I'm tempted to enter all, but feel I've won enough recently :)
I'll be back, just so long as you both keep on keeping on... promise?

Carmen said...

I'm still working my way through the party posts - they'll stay up hopefully after this week has finished?

Thanks for all the gorgeous giveaways :P

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