Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Julie: My Q&A responses

Cast your mind back to the time when, at the start of our 'birthdaversay' party in this post, I decided to get nosey and ask you all some probing questions .....

Remember how I promised that I would share my responses with you so you didn't feel like you'd exposed yourself on your own ..... [I think I'll stop that metaphor right there ...]

Well, I finally got around to answering them for you but ..... wow, talk about pulling teeth!

They were harder to do than I thought - I'm amazed at how 'up for it' lots of you were and how quickly you responded!! Thanks and well done, bravo, good on you, you're fabulous. Go you!

I've posted my efforts here on my 'notes on paper' blog ... take a look, have a nosey around my brain, see what you think, spot where we're similar [and where we differ wildly] ..... submit your analysis of my psyche, OK maybe don't do that last one ........!

Julie :)

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