Friday, 29 January 2010

I'd Like To Copy: Corrina Rothwell

I discovered the work of Corrina Rothwell in one of my favourite galleries in York and I immediately fell for her combination of illustration and humour.

I really admire the way she commits to expressing a single idea within her drawings. Their direct simplicity really appeals to me and her words make me smile.
For further examples of Corrina Rothwell's art see both her website and her blog .

Her work makes me want to reconnect with my pencils and pens which, these days, often get overlooked when I first consider creating something. I think the last time I did use pencil on a project it was for the PostSecret challenge we did here on Copy + Paste last summer in which I confessed to wanting to write comedy. Perhaps drawing hands have a direct link to funny bones?

Maybe I need to dust off my pencils [or even crack open my lovely new ProMarkers] and put my funny-head on.

Funny head. Not funny face. There is a difference.


Friday, 22 January 2010

I'd Like to Copy: the 'Wallander' wall

Everything, and I really do mean everything about the style of BBC's Wallander series thrills me. The muted colour palette; the set design; the cinematography; the atmosphere; the costume choices; the wall painting in the police station .....

Oh my.

How I love that wall:

It reminds me of .... the Bauhaus style; of the work of Ben Nicholson and Paul Klee; of 1970s fabric designs and of geometric patchwork quilts.

And those things combined make for a very alluring work of art for me!

I really would like to *copy* it. Maybe there's a wall in my house which should be bracing itself for a new coat of paint, maybe I could recreate it on a canvas, or from paper on a layout or maybe it would suit a patchwork or freestyle cross-stitch project.

Or all of the above. Until I get around to creating one of those, I've made myself a Wallander-wall-inspired Flickr mosaic to feed my desire:

The 'Wallander' wall

It was incredibly hard to find images of the wall on the internet. Very nearly impossible.

In fact, it was almost as if there was no one else out there who's as madly obsessed with it as I am ....and surely that can't be true ....

Julie :)

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