Sunday, 27 February 2011

Copying & pasting: Dan Black style

Hi, hi, hi.

It's been an age since I posted anything musical here so I hope this tickles your nicely-done-pop-tune sensibilities as much as it does mine.

I first heard this in a lecture I was taking notes in [yes, I get paid to take notes and listen to lectures ... which is usually as good as it sounds!]. The topic of the lecture was 'mash-ups' - a totally perfect 'copy + paste' style philospphy if ever there was one.

A mash-up is where an artist [of any media] takes two or more things and throws them together to make a new one. [If you've ever seen Glee you'll have seen how they mix two songs together ... and that's a mash-up] ... anyway ...

In this particular lecture the following video, Dan Black's 'Symphonies' , was used as an example of mashing-up various films and genres into one video. See how many you can spot:

I'm tempted to offer a prize to the first person to leave a comment [after listening to the full thing] about why this particular song might have an additional resonance for this blog ...

You might as well leave a comment anyway ... and I'll have a think about what prize you might want to receive ...

Enjoy the tune and the video - it's one that's gone round and round in my head ever since I heard it. So much so that I even bought the CD ... which has so many songs that sound like other artists / tunes you get the feeling the whole album's one big mash-up.

Don't forget to keep an ear out for it's special affinity to us here ... !

Julie :-)
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