Monday, 25 May 2009

2. Six Impossible Things

My plan for Project No.2 was to use a song lyric as our starting point, but somewhere along the way I got distracted. Thanks to a misremembered Bjork chorus and an amazing Gwen Stefani video, I ended up going back to the bookshelf and picking up Alice in Wonderland.
This suitably curious quote comes courtesy of the White Queen in Through the Looking Glass:
"Why, sometimes
I've believed as many as
six impossible things
before breakfast. "

Through the Looking Glass: Lewis Carroll
*PASTE*: Kirsty's project =

The Alice quote was definitely an influence when I made this for my sister's birthday a few weeks ago. The colours and the Lauren Child playing card happened to match the underwear packaged inside the eggbox (yes, yes - an odd present, I know), but that was really as far as the Alice-ness went. For my take on the project, I was thinking about designing a symbol for impossibility - if infinity can have one, why not impossibility? - but, for some reason, I kept coming back to eggs. In their own, curious way, they already seem to stand for things improbably and impossible - life, strength and fragility, not to mention the enduring 'which came first?' conundrum.

The added text-strips each represent something I believe in, and - in case you're wondering - none of the six beautifully-coloured eggs have been painted. We're planning to eat them for breakfast later in the week.


*PASTE*: Julie's project =
Here's how Julie described her project: "The quote Kirsty chose made me think about belief systems, being open to possibilites and new ways of thinking. I realised that I could probably track my interest in similar things by looking at the books I've collected along the way." [See here for a closer look].

"None of these contain one single, solitary answer or truth for me. But, when considered all together, they [and many others] ahve contributed to a pretty decent framework of broadening my understanding of the world, the people in it ... and myself. and that's why I believe in books."


I somehow think the curious and all-questioning White Queen would approve of our efforts, even viewed from her peculiar point of view.

If you want to play along and take inspiration from the Queen, Alice or any other part of Lewis Carroll's splendidly surreal world, we'd love to see what you make.

Leave a link in the comments below, or add your pictures to our new Flickr group, and we'll be back with more wordy wonderfulness before you can say 'impossible'.



Anne said...

I tried!

Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

All done. Finally!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! ^-^

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