Thursday, 14 May 2009

Scraps of news and prettiness

I've been sitting here for twenty minutes now, trying hard to think of an adjective to describe someone who uses one of our wordy starting points to create something arty and wonderful. Challengee sort of works, as in 'one who has risen to a challenge', but it's a bit vague. Copy and Pastee isn't so good, largely because it sounds like 'pasty', which isn't usually offered up as a compliment (being two shades lighter than a milk bottle, I should know). And Project Member is accurate, but sounds suspiciously like the kind of job-title made up by a desperate human resources department. So, for lack of anything more generic, I'm just going to describe Anna as the very lovely and talented creator of our first Shakespeare-inspired Copy + Paste contribution. Her Love Story layout documents a trip to Juliet's house in Verona, and is utterly beautiful - soft colours, lots of small, clever details and an amazing graffiti-ed wall. I love it, and am so excited to see the way someone else interpreted Project No.1.

In other news (because I've always wanted to say that), Flickr has been our hangout of choice this week. When it comes to visual stimulation, there are few places better, even fewer you can browse in your PJs at 2 in the morning. And as of earlier this afternoon, The Copy + Paste Project bagged its own, tiny corner of the world according to Flickr. If, like Anna, you've taken up the Shakespeare challenge, or want to join in with any of our future projects, you can now share them in our Flickr group. To celebrate or, more accurately, because it's a good excuse to spend time searching, browsing, lurking and sighing, I thought I'd link you up with a few of my current favourites, all in a C+P kind of vein.

Copy + Paste inspiration

We'll be back soon with Project No.2 and a fresh challenge.


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Anna said...

Oo ... thanks very much for the compliments (and the giggle about the pasty! :D )
Glad you like my LO ... love your blog and am looking forward to the next prompt.

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