Saturday, 8 May 2010

We've been copying: Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is a writer, cartoonist and designer who is probably best known for creating poetry by blacking-out pages from a newspaper leaving behind only the words which form a poem.

If I've made that sound entirely confusing then his short video should explain it far more succinctly!

All clear now? Good! The book of Austin's blackout poetry has recently been released which you can read more about here.

Wewere intrigued by its [deceptive] simplicity which creates striking contrasts and a vivid focus on words and meaning and we thought that it'd be fun to try it ourselves!


Julie's Blackout Poetry: [you can click on the photos for a closer look]




Kirsty's Blackout Poetry:

(In which I use a magazine page, rather than newspapers and, too late, realise the two columns may cause confusion.) [click on the photo for a closer look]


Why not give it a go? All you need is a page from a newspaper, a pencil and a black marker pen. it doesn't even mater what the topic of the newpaper page is ... I did my first experiments on a bra advertisement!

Go on ... grab a pen and uncover some poetry! Then come back and share your discoveries with us all here.



Kirsty said...

Just in case you can't read my scanned poem (Blogger images are peculiar things), there's a copy on my Flickr page here -

Or I could just tell you that the text reads 'I keep crackers, a snapshot of my son and small bowls in the basement. Things misplaced always find the dark. The key to getting organized is never someone else.'


Lizzie said...

Great little poem, Kirsty! I remember doing this exercise at art college. I really enjoyed it - wonder why I've never done it since!
Time I started that Art Journal I've been thinking of - this would make a great first project for it!

Happy Blog Birthday by the way. Glad to have found your blog (courtesy of Claire - I like your scrapping/crafting stuff, so will enjoy following you for the next Blog year and beyond!

nerllybird said...

hehe..I love this, hope I can find the time to give it a try over the weekend....(deadlines so far: waterfall card, mini-book, unspecified tutorial, sketch + LO!)

Curlywiggles said...

Awesome! I am going to try this on a scrapbook page some time!

Sarah said...

Definitely down on my to-do list.

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