Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I'd Like To Copy : Carey Mulligan

Although I’ve yet to see An Education, Carey Mulligan is someone I’ve admired for a little while now – from the BBC adaptation of Bleak House to one of my favourite episode of Doctor Who (and yes, I did just out myself as a TV nerd – I don’t watch much television, so pick my guilty pleasures very carefully). I stumbled on these images, shot by Rankin for British Elle, late last year and love them.

Inspired by their gorgeous, retro feel, I pulled together a few more shots with a similar vibe to make a pretty, springtime mosaic.

So, whose style is inspiring you this spring?


PS. Check back on Friday for a new challenge!


the green gal said...

It might just be me but the right column of the mosaic is cut off…

Anyway I think Carey Mulligan is ace too and I haven't see An Education. I saw her in a fab BBC series where Jane Horrocks became prime minister and also in a TV film about Rudyard Kipling and his son played by Daniel Radcliffe.

The pics are great, love the Audrey Hepburn feel to them, and the mosaic is gorgeous (despite being chopped). I'm developing a thing for old typewriters, really need to not buy one, I have no more room after buying an ancient Singer sewing machine!

Looking forward to the next challenge!

paperpocket said...

She is so pretty. I don't think i've seen her in anything though...forgive me, i've spent the last two years in a pretty much tv-less bubble, apart from Glee, of course. Someone get me the remote! Obviously I should watch more. Smack hand. Lesson learned.

Current style crush???Hmmm. At this second, Amy Studt. Really grungy with a feminine twist.

the green gal said...

I'm seeing the mosaic in perfect vision now and It's even more gorgeous than before!

Paperpocket, if you only watch one TV show, Glee is the one to watch. Go Gleeks!

Amanda said...

She is fabulous in An Education and I agree she is very Audrey Hepburn like.

Looking forward to seeing the challenge.

Clair said...

She truly is a young beauty and after seeing photographs of her recently it took me a really, really long time to realise that she was in the Pride & Prejudice movie as Kitty Bennett. Looking very different with curly, brown hair :)

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