Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'd Like to Copy: My Kid Could Paint That

Hello you.

Did you manage to catch up with Kirsty's wonderful series of posts on children's illustrators last week? If not, or if you're wondering if you missed anything, then have a look >>>over there >>> in the sidebar where there are some handy links to all five for you.

Following on from children's illustrators though, I thought I'd bring you something which was still about children's art only this time I mean art BY children.

[Image source]

Or, more specifically, the art on one child in particular, Marla Olmstead: Image source]

By the age of 3 Marla's work was already selling in galleries and her works, and the questions around whether she was painting them unaided, created such a media storm they made a film about it!

I love the storytelling which clever documentary film-making manages to draw from 'everyday' life and was captivated by Amir Bar-Lev's 'My Kid Could Paint That', a 2007 study of Marla and the controversy surrounding her and her family:

It's a great film which I'd urge you to catch it if you ever spot it in the TV listings.

Bar-Lev hadaccess to the family amid the press scrutiny of Marla's paintings, the parents are questioned, probed and challenged on whether they are actually either behind the paintings or at least behind coaching her as to what to paint where. It's a fascinating insight into parental behaviour, children's 'natural' artistic capabilities and also the value of modern art.

If you'd like to read more about 'My Kid Could Paint That' then see:

From which, should you really feel like making your own mind up about Marla's work, you can purchase one of her available paintings:

But, just so you know, you have to apply for the prices so I'm guessing it's a case of if you have to ask ....

Julie :)


Frenzy23 said...

Such an amazing kid! I'm in love with those paintings.

Claireliz said...

they are great paintings very colourful. My 4 year old dd is very crafty, shes loves painting, drawing & scrapping.... its great to see & fun to encourage, I may have to blog some of her work :)

Carmen said...

I would love to watch that film and will definitely look out for it. I agree with Claire the paintings are gorgeous and I love the colours she uses. My kid COULD paint that ;) and she was my feature on the IACW blog this week *plug, plug* I love seeing kids being creative and enjoying it. I think too many are just sat indoors on their gadgets or watching the telly. I nearly fell through the floor today at a comment my eldest made. I took her to see Eclipse at the cinema and asked her whether her friends had read the books yet and given away the ending to her. She said no, most of my friends don't read books! WHAT?? Crazy world, crazy, crazy world!

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