Monday, 21 June 2010

I'd Like To Copy : Children's illustrators

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really been enjoying the inspiration-themed ‘I’d Like to Copy...’ posts we’ve been featuring over the last few months. When Julie writes one, I sit here feeling as inspired as (hopefully) you do, albeit in a smug, I-knew-she-was-planning-it kind of fashion. When it’s my turn to post, I really enjoy taking the time to review, appreciate and then share some of the things I love most.

So, a few weeks ago, I decided my list of ‘I’d Like To Copy…’ ideas was running a little thin, and set about topping it up. A dozen or so names later, over half of them belonging to children’s illustrators, I realised two things:

1. I really am quite obsessed, and

2. This might make a fun mini-series.

In the interests of disclosure, I should probably admit to a certain bias when it comes to this subject. I spend roughly half my working days writing books for children, and many more hours reading them, but I promise not to bend your ear too much over the next few days. It’s really just a happy excuse to post lots of wonderful images, in the hope you find them as inspiring as I do. If you end up discovering a new artist, rediscovering a favourite author or heading off to stock up your bookshelves, so much the better. And if you’re moved to share any of those things with a favourite child, you might just thrill me into complete silence.

Check back tomorrow for the first illustrator in the series, and then daily until Saturday for the remainder.




Anonymous said...

I love children's books or books for younger readers. I love books in general but sometimes, I get tired of reading books with sex scenes, death, or being a responsible adult.

Carmen said...

*happy clappy dance* You are such a TEASE Kirsty! Can't wait, I too love childrens books and quite often buy ones for the girls purely because I love the illustrations. Of course then they have to live on Mummy's shelf so they don't get ruined :P And in the end get referred to as Mummy's books that we are allowed to read *g*

Carolyn Phillips said...

What a wonderful idea. I collect Children's books, both old and new (going back over well over 100 for my oldest)and some illustrations are wonderful.

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