Sunday, 9 May 2010

We've been copying: What is England?

As mentioned in the previous post, Carl Mole represents Cleveland in Stuart Pilkington's 'What is England?' photography project.
A total of 50 photographers are involved, each capturing a different English county, and submitting images under six categories: - Person; Group; Work; Play; Urban and Rural.

To paraphrase the website, "The photographers' brief is to represent their own style of photography, as well as their county. They have complete freedom as to how they respond to the assignments and hopefully, by the end of 2010, the 300 images submitted over the course of the year will help to answer the brief: 'What is England?'."

In true Copy + Paste style we've both had a turn at interpreting the 6 categories for ourselves.


Julie's photographs:

Category: 'Group'Category: 'Rural'
Category: 'Work'

Kirsty's photographs:

Category: 'Person'

Category: 'Play' Category: 'Urban' Make sure to visit the official 'What is England?' site to see the completed galleries for the first two topics 'Person' and 'Group'

And, if you live in England why not check out the works of the photographer representing your corner of the country?

Maybe even copy + paste the idea yourself and then let us know!

Julie + Kirsty :)


Clair said...

Looks like just my thing. I really need to start taking photographs again. Thanks ladies :)

lynmcf said...

Thanks for this link ... I love taking photographs and could do with a bit of inspiration

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