Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I've Been Copying: myself and tape measures.

Hi all. How are you?

Sorry we've not been around much, just catching up on some average summertime business. Like breaks away, dodging rain and crafting projects [crafts are for life ... even when on holiday!].

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while now you might recognise this belt which made a year ago:

Tape Measure belt 1

[You can click on the photo to be taken to the original post].
If you're not familiar with it at all, or if you'd forgotten all about it, then that's where you differ from one of my friends who [jokingly] informed me last week that - one year on - he was still waiting for me to make him one as he'd liked mine so much!
So, despite being entirely oblivious to this fact, in the interests of our friendship .;-) ... I made him this one of his very own:

Tape measure belt

He was very happy with it and it's left me hooked on belts again. Win win!

Tape measure belt

I'm also hooked on tape measures:

Vintage tape measures

But then again, there's nover a time when I'm not hooked on tape measures! Do you know what I mean? I think / hope some of you will .... [I know you will at least Hannah!]

Do you, like me, have an almost inexplicable fondness for them? To me, it's a similar feeling to that desire to have far more notebooks than I really need.

Vintage tape measures

There's just something so handsome and attractive about them and their simplicity:

Vintage tape measures

All of which is wrapped up in that headiest of attibutes: their potential!

Whether you're going to use them to help you measure and make something else ... or just use them for their own beautiful qualities .... they really are an alluring item .... aren't they?

Yes. They are! I'm sure of it!

Which is why I bought these three from a carboot sale last week!

Vintage tape measures

And just as soon as I can find some suitable buckles I'll definitely be harnessing their full potential!

So come on now. Fess up. You're a secret tape-measure fancier too.... aren't you .....?

Julie ;-)


Claireliz said...

like the tape measure belt, I want the Mary Poppins tape measure that tells you what you are instead of how small you are :D

Sarah said...

Um, yes. I am. But I also like the retractable metal tape measures that are used by less pretty people (on the whole). I very nearly bought a gorgoeus East of India fabric one last weekend, just because it looked so pretty. Perhaps it's viral :)

Cassie said...

I do fancy tape measures, yup.
It is an actual affliction...I mean...if I have it, it must be something, right?
I love them. I hoard them. I have thousands. Sick? Maybe. Satisfying? Oh yes.

the green gal said...

It is a bit baffling but tape measures, the older the better, are indeed v attractive and collectible. Maybe they evoke an era of tailors and seamstresses wearing tape measures around their necks but being able to guess your measurements within quarter of an inch because they were that damn good.
While I love the aesthetics of a measuring tape belt, I'm not sure about advertising to the world the exact measurement of my waist…

deb said...

I seriously like the tape measure belt. I'm fascinated by rulers, tape measures, calipers. anything that measures. Fabulous!

Carmen said...

I love your tape measure belts but can't say as I'm fascinated by tape measures themselves ;) I love the old ones that you've pictured above mind you.

joyce rodli said...

and Julie, some of them are shades of yellow just for you.
I have a few...fasinated with them-maybe a little. I have one that is inside a little mini hoover vaccum cleaner. If I saw them I guess I'd pick em up.

Rosie Bird said...

I have to be honest, I hadn't really thought about tape measures that much - but those photos... your words... I'm beginning to consider them in a whole new light. Do you feel the same about retractable tape measures?

Traceyr said...

Yes I agree I think old tape measures are better than new ones and they smell differently too much nicer iyswim :)

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