Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I've been copying: Efemera Ink

'Efemera Ink' is both the name of a monthly crafting get together in my local area run by 'Effie' and it's also the name of Effie's blog which regularly features her inspirational altered items and mixed media projects.

Reading Effie's blog makes up for the fact that I can't get to many Efemera Ink craft days [or 'glue 'n stick' as they're affectionately termed!] due to an inconvenient distraction know as 'work'. Luckily, now term has ended I'm hoping to get to a few more.

Anyone who reads my own 'notes on paper' blog will probably have seen some of the projects I've made under Effie's influence, such as this skull-embellished money box and this mini crackled canvas. So I thought I'd share a project which I don't think you'll have seen unless [a] you've seen my @nabview Twitter profile background or [b] you've been in my hallway lately! So here it is in 'proper' Copy+Paste challenge style ....

This is Effie's finished example of the wallhanging we were to take inspiration from during her March 'Efemera Ink' workshop that I somehow managed to attend!

For more images and to hear Effie's take on the workshop have a read of her post here.

The key elements of the wall hanging she created for us to 'copy' were:

  • a chipboard base;
  • vintage book paper;
  • velvet and lace coloured with iron-on disperse dyes;
  • tomato puree tube metal embellishments;
  • a triple embossed heart and;
  • some stitiching.

After talking us through her process in the morning we all spent the day interpreting the idea using the provided ingredients but adding in our own finishing touches to personalise it.

Here's my finished piece, r
ather than use the gold colour of the inside of the puree tube I used the green [and barcode!] of the outside:

We stamped into the embossing powder on the heart while it was still warm so that the stamp leaves an imprint:My 'heads' background stamp is by Stampotique from Art From the Heart and then I cut two little heads free from the crowd, mounted them on to chipboard and embossed over the top with UTEE:As I mentioned, it now hangs in my hallway and here it is in situ:As someone who's always been generally quiet in group situations, I never thought I'd be the kind of person who enjoyed crafting in a group like Efemera Ink. But I do. A lot. It's always good to see how we all work in entirely different ways to produce items which, while similar in construction, are totally different in detail.

So, if you're thinking about joining a group but don't think it's for you, pleeeeease give it a try. At least once. You never know where it might lead. Before I met the Effie and the 'Efemera Ink' ladies I didn't know any other crafters in my area. Now I attend the workshops when I can, the crop each month with many of the same faces, a group of us get together twice a year for a crafting retreat in a country cottage and Jean who brings her shop [3DJean] to the crafting days recently asked a handful of us on to her 'Scattered Scarlet' design team!

Oh and ... crafting groups are also a perfectly wholesome way to get you out of the house, drinking tea, chatting with fellow crafty types and wherever there's a group of crafters there's, more often than not, an opportunity for eating cake! Who could argue with that logic?

We'd love to hear about the groups you attend [either in 'real-life' or online] or even those you wish you could attend. Are you a social crafter? Or do you prefer yourown company or do you enjoy a bit of both? You kow the drill .... we're nosy / curious ..... so whatever you want to share ... our ears are open ....

Thanks for reading today.

Julie :)


Sarah said...

If only! There are no groups around me, and a while back I was considering starting one, but then life got in the way. Perhaps I should make more of an effort once we've sold the house, moved, had the baby... erm... maybe I should just look harder.
P.S. Loved that creation ever since I saw it on your twitter profile. That stamp is ace.

Becky said...

Love your creation - I just scrapbook, but love to see altered art - wish I was creative like that, but I am most definitely not! I joined a local crop just after I started scrapping and made very good friends with 4 of the 'girls' there. When the crop folded we decided to carry on meeting and so meet up about once every six weeks, taking it in turns to host. We have such a laugh, drink coffee/tea/hot chocolate or coke (depending on the weather) and always have something scrummy to nibble on! We also get scrapping or card making done too!

Julie Kirk said...

Sarah - yes I think you shouold just keep an eye out for a group near you .... wedon't want you having a meltdown for that sake of crafting and cake eating!

Becky - how great that you managed to keep the group going in your own homes. When my Mam and sister and I decide to have a crafting day we always seem to end up at my house due to the fact I have the largest dining table to sread our stash across! They bring the cakes though - so I don't mind!

Oh and Becky - honestly if you attended one of Effies workshops you could easily come out with a project liek that - she makes it so easy for us all to look as original as she is!

Donna said...

Hi Julie - love that wall hanging! Just to let you know I received the bag kit full of scrummy stash and can't wait to get started on it. I'm hoping next week I might get chance as it's half term. xxx

Clair said...

I love attending my local scrapbooking crop or meeting up with crafty friends. More often than not, we manage to do more talking than creating but there's also a bit of 'show and tell' and a bit of 'technique talk' - as well as the tea and cake, of course. I *do* more when I create by myself, but I love the teach and learn aspect of being with other crafters.

By the way, I really love both versions of this wall hanging. Effie's rich and warm version and Julie's light and bright version. Both so different, but using similar techniques. I suppose it highlights the point of sharing, learning and then creating on your own terms!

I just love the copy and paste concept x

Anne said...

I attend a monthly get together with some very good crafty friends - in fact, if it wasnt for being persuaded along, I would never have started scrapbooking, which would never have led me to all the other crafty endeavours that I love so much. I always had the mindset that I was no good at art, and had nothing of value to scrapbook (having no children - and I thought that scrapbooking was all about your children - I was so, so wrong!). It is often difficult to make time to attend, and often means reorganising schedules and sorting out my priorities. I have learned that it is definately a priority to attend if I possibly can - it keeps me sane, and means that I have dedicated time away from distractions of home and work to just play and create - even if I do sometimes acheive nothing more than drinking tea, eating cake, chatting and admiring everyone's creations!

Frenzy23 said...

I wish there were groups around me to join ... alas, for now, I am a solitary crafter.
Perhaps once I transfer to an art school this will change..

Carmen said...

I love the Efemera Ink blog - so inspirational. She regularly makes me green with envy at her creations :P I love your take and am again green both at your creation and that you have a group to go to. I must have a look around my area see if there is a local one (that doesn't just do cards! My nemesis!)

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