Thursday, 3 June 2010

I’d Like To Copy : What are you like?

This wasn’t the post I had planned for today, but Julie has unwittingly got me sidetracked. If you follow her Twitter stream, you’ll know she’s been struck down by the evil that is A Nasty Virus over the last few weeks. Were I my mother, I’d probably suggest ‘a tonic’ (does anyone really know what that is?) or whip up some chicken soup and barley water. Sadly, I am not that practical, so I made this instead:

It’s just a few of the things I know Julie loves, gathered together as a little ‘feel better’ message. Easy to create, but not lacking in the thought department, which is – as everyone knows – what counts.

The idea was very loosely inspired by What Are You Like?, an exhibition I managed to miss (for shame!) at Dulwich Picture Gallery a couple of years ago. In turn, the exhibition was inspired by a Victorian parlour game in which players (or in this case, artists) described themselves by way of their favourite things.

While I know Julie pretty well, I wouldn’t presume to list her definitive favourites on any of the subjects featured in the exhibition pieces. My mosaic is much more vague – just things I know she’s fond of in general. It’s strange how personal committing to favourites can seem, but I think an interesting exercise, and one I’m planning to come back to later on.

In the meantime, these are just a few of my favourites from the What Are you Like? exhibition.

Lauren Child

Donald Urquhart

Marion Deuchars

Mary Fedden

Peter Blake

Steven Appleby

You can find out more on the gallery website, or at House of Illustration.

Which leaves just one question begging to be asked. What are you like?



Kelly said...

Whooo! Fantastic post - the first time I've felt excited about blogging in a while. I missed that exhibition too, but I have the book they did for it.

Hope Julie feels better soon!

Julie Kirk said...

Thanks Kelly I feel a lot better today.

And thank *you* Kirsty lady - your tonic is so much prettier and nicer tasting than something I could get from the chemists! You're very wonderful, love you tons. x

Lizzie said...

All very pretty, Kirsty! I'm glad Julie felt well enough to have a look.
Not sure about the Tonic idea... when I was a kid, "tonic" always involved some kind of syrupy mixture from a large brown bottle, with vitamins and iron in it. It tasted horrible (not helped by the supposed "orange flavour").
I would suggest Julie is better off with your Chicken Soup; also hot squash and vitamin "C" & Zinc supplements to help fight the virus. Much nicer and much more useful!!

Carmen said...

Such a fabulous post. Got my head buzzing - not good just before bedtime! Will have to thin on this!

Will have to look out for the book Kelly mentions in the post above.

As for the tonic, if you ask my OH it usually unvolves Whiskey in varying doses. Whickey and honey. Whiskey in coffee. Whiskey AND honey in coffee... I promise he isn't an alcoholic just very susceptible to colds and icky viruses ;)

Frenzy23 said...

Awesome collections of stuff! :)
Sorry she isn't feeling well, I have no idea what a tonic is . . . though I'm sure your colorful photos will brighten her day!

I hope this is ok to post here, I guess if it isn't you can always delete it...
I have a sort of community project going on with my blog right now...if anyone's in the mood to copy an idea :) Or even straight up use my pattern. That's what it's there for! :)

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