Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I'd Like To Copy : Chelsea Parsons

Morning all.

I’m going to keep this brief in the hope of saving a few blushes. If I don’t, there’s a very good chance it’ll get gushy and embarrassing. Let’s just say I discovered Chelsea Parsons’ beautiful digital designs 6 or 7 months ago now, and have been nursing an intense crush ever since.


As with so many of the best craft products, there’s been a little more gazing and sighing than actual using of them to date. In my defence, I’m not actually a scrapbooker, although that’s rarely an obstacle for long. If you’re similarly non-scrappy, you might want to have a read of this blog post on other ways to put digital kits to good use and justify the fact you can’t resist buying them. I plan on taking up some of my own advice very soon so me and one or two of the Chelsea kits can begin a fully-fledged love affair.

As well as making the prettiest digi-kits, Chelsea also takes incredible photographs. Check out her blog and Flickr stream, plus a little Q&A in the Two Peas designer garden.

Just don't blame me if you lose your heart.




Hearthandmade said...

Fab i love her style!

Carmen said...

Oh wow! That diary style page alone has me wanting to see more - that is so like something I have had in my head but not been able to translate to paper. Will leave this page open to remind me to come back for a proper look - the aroma of dinner burning (again) is calling my attention at the mo ;)

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