Saturday, 8 May 2010

Kirsty: I've been copying Julie copying Desigual bags


When we were planning our party projects, Julie mentioned she was working on upcycling a plain grocery tote - her Desigual project below. I also had a grocery bag project in mind, so we thought it would be fun to do a double copy and paste – she was ‘pasting’ the Desigual bag and, in turn, I was pasting her idea of making over a plain tote. So far, so simple.

What I don’t think either of us bargained for was how very different our finished projects would be! Might I have changed my plans if I’d seen hers sooner? Probably not, although I may well be taking some inspiration from it at a later date (I’m a sucker for anything that uses scraps of selvedge). What I love about the way the two projects have turned out is how typically Copy+Paste-ish they are. We’ve always been quite careful not to share too much about our challenge projects as we’ve gone along, in a deliberate attempt to avoid influencing each other. It means that, as well as writing here, I also get to be a C+P reader on occasion, seeing Julie’s projects for the first time when she posts them on the blog. Despite thinking in quite similar ways, our creative styles can be very different, and it’s one of the things that’s really helped to shape Copy+Paste over the last year.


So, I’m guessing you might want to see what I’m talking about for yourself at this point.

Very different, I think you’ll agree!

I started out with a slightly chunkier bag than Julie – it’s made from jute, which makes it a little sturdier than the plain cotton versions. I’d love to tell you I was being practical when I picked it out, but really I just liked the linen-y texture and colour. (I am nothing if not that shallow...)

The design is part of a bigger project I’m working on, based around similarly cheesey grocery-themed puns (it says ‘radish me, darling’, just in case you can’t quite read that in the images). Sadly, the standard of the gags is unlikely to improve, but I hope you’ll agree little Miss Radish has a certain charm nonetheless.

And that’s about it for this evening. I honestly didn’t plan to leave you on your own with thoughts of being . . . well . . . ravished, but some parties are like that, you know? We’ll be back in the morning with another full day of projects and guests to see you through Sunday.

Sleep tight.



Clair said...

This is just further proof of why Copy & Paste works so well. Give people one starting point as inspiration and everyone comes up with something different, which is then even further inspiring.

Joyce said...

Ditto on what Clair said.

Claireliz said...

Completely agree with Clair & joyce :)

The Lone Dollier said...

Love the bag!

Carmen said...

Radish me Darling - I'm so using that when I dish the salad up tonight *g* Unfortunately - with 3 kids milling around I'm unlikely to get radished very much! LOL! Love this!

Sarah said...

Ooh I await the project. Please let us know what it's in... I LOVE puns. Particularly humorous vegetable ones.

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