Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I Pasted: Perfectionism

Last Friday, at the same time Kirsty was blogging her post about sticking-it to perfectionism by setting herself a time challenge to create a patchwork cushion, I was doing something rather similar.

I was creating this:

Fat-quarter button fabric bag

You can read the full story behind it on my blog here but basically I set out to make the bag in a day ... and I managed it ... even though it took until 10:30pm and required a nice stiff Jack Daniels and Coke afterwards!

I'm certainly no perfectionist, but that's not to say I don't like to do a good job. I do.

It's just that I'd rather get jobs tackled and completed than agonise over them. Part of this is a touch of laziness, part being my lifelong capacity to [literally] stumble into clumsiness every once in a while ... which can eradicate all traces of perfection in one fell swoop! Of which I have the bruises / ink splodges / typos to prove it ....

And the bag's by no means perfect. As someone commented while I was making it .... that patterned fabric hides a multitude of sins!

Fat-quarter button fabric bag

Perhaps what I'm actually expert at is not pointing out to others where I've gone wrong! If anything, I guess I've just managed to train myself to 'accentuate the positive'. The imperfections are there, no doubt about it but, to paraphrase something my Grandma would say "a blind man on a galloping horse" wouldn't notice them!

How do you deal with your imperfections ... or don't you like to admit to having any? Are you an inveterate unpicker / deleter / throw everything in the bin and start over type of artisan? Do you creatively cover up your imperfections or do you wear them like artistic battle scars?

It wouldn't do if we were all the same and if striving for perfection is what gets you out of bed on a morning then that's great too. I guess it's only a problem when it prevents you doing something that you'd really like to tackle ... that's when a drop of gung-ho really doesn't hurt ...

..... unless of course you slip over on it or spill it over your finished work of course! ;)

**If you haven't seen it already - have a look at the previous post: 'Now We Are One' to see how you can join us for our anniversary party.**

The ability to be perfect is *not* required!


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Helen said...

that is bag is lovely, the real buttons are cherries on top!! and getting fit while crafting would be so nice, hilarious !!!

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