Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Now we are One

Edited to add: Deadline for entries is now extended until 17:00 [GMT] on Monday 26th April ... you've got no excuses now ... :D

The Copy + Paste Project is almost one.

Not in the Zen sense of 'oneness' ... although we're working on it .... no, it's just that in less than a month's time the Copy + Paste blog will be a year old. Which we considered a cause for celebration.

And celebrate we shall!

There are already plans afoot to treat you to a full weekend of new projects, giveaways and a wide range of amazing guests but we've saved a special place ... for two of you.

We'd like one of our blog followers/commenters and one of @CopyPasteTweet's Twitter followers to contribute a guest post to our party during the weekend of May 7/8/9.

We don't want to give anything away just yet, but if you're chosen as a guest you will find yourself nestled happily between some seriously accomplished contributors. So, to be rubbing virtual shoulders with people whose acceptance of our invitatation to participate, caused us to go weak at the knees, you need to...

*Copy*: We'd like you to copy [ie: take inspiration from] either this quotation:

"No party is any fun unless seasoned with folly".

~ Desiderius Erasmus

Or this illustration: [We thought that between them we'd covered a nice cultural range!]

*Paste*: You should then paste the quote or illustration in any which way you see fit. Any. Which. Way.

Your response can be a photograph, a sentence, a poem, a painting, layout, card, expressive dance movement ... anything. We're not judging you on your skills [especially not in the expressive dance category], but rather on your enthusiasm for filling our vacant guest spot.

How to share your response:

**Applications via the blog must be either:

  • within a comment on this post or
  • linked to from a comment on this post.

**Applications via Twitter must be:

  • from people following @copypastetweet and
  • in a tweet beginning @copypastetweet or
  • linked to from a tweet beginning @copypastetweet

You can apply via both the blog AND Twitter and you can make as many applications as you choose.

You can draw attention to yourself and your application[s] as many times as you wish to between now and 23:00 [GMT] on Friday 23rd April.

We'll then put our heads together and announce the winning guests both here and on Twitter on Monday 26th.

So, that's it. If you want to share in the festivities by guest blogging - then grab our attention over the next few days.

If you'd rather just sit back and wait for the show to begin, then just put a note in your diary to check in with us from the evening of Friday May 7th.

We'll look forward to seeing you. Come one, come all.

Julie + Kirsty


Natasha said...

Oh can I be the first one?
Here is a party with plenty of folly!
(not sure how to get pic up so I'm just showing the link, sorry)

Wrightboysmum said...

Was thinking about the quote when I scrolled down and saw my favorite duo instead. Sorted!. Now away to have a think about it.
Birthday bashes are always fun.

Sian said...

I think blogger just ate my comment. And again..Happy birthday. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I know I have some rabbit ears like Lola's round here somewhere

Effie said...

Happy Birthday!

the green gal said...

No party is a party without bunting! And I've made a length just for your first birthday, happy celebrations! Hope I get to join in too… http://www.thegreengal.co.uk/2010/04/join-the-copy-and-paste-party.html

Keepsake's Crafts said...

Now... what is a Birthday without Cake???!!! So I made one. :O)
Let me know when to light the candle, k?

catesbyK said...

Happy Birthday! I discovered my sewing project matched Charlie and Lola, so you inspired me to finish it! I blogged about it here: http://worldselsewhere.blogspot.com/2010/04/paste-friendly-little-monster-o.html

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