Wednesday, 29 September 2010

3rd & Bird: 1960s style


I just couldn't resist joining in with the 3rd & Bird-inspired posts we had over the weekend from Claire and Hermione, so here I am armed with 3rd & Bird-ish illustrations from a 1961 book I discovered in a charity shop:


Here's 3rd & Bird's Rudy, Mrs Billingsley, Muffin and Mr.Beakman [and yes, I did know their names without checking!]:


And here they are in a previous incarnation ... perhaps:

To feast your eyes or more pages from this beautiful book flutter your feathers over to my blog where there's a whole book full awaiting you.

Oh and ... before I forget ... you're invited to a party this weekend .....

We'll be there .... see you soon!

Julie :-)

1 comment:

Denise said...

what gorgeous pictures in that book. a complete treasure-would love to cut and paste with it but it would be hard to tear up!

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