Thursday, 30 September 2010

I'd Like To Copy : A Song

Name that tune

1. A Partridge in Pear Tree Cottage, 2. Oriental Turtle-dove, 3. Hen House, 4. Knit the City - Phonebox back, 5. Windmill Ring, 6. Mother Goose: cover, 7. Collection of Kitschy-licious Swans, 8. Milk (wip), 9. dance, 10. sock leap, 11. billie piper aa, 12. Portrait of Hine as small child standing by drum

Can you work out what the song is, and (more to the point) why I'm being so annoyingly mysterious?


1 comment:

Sarah said...

Are you building us up for another 12 days of Christmas class???? OOOOOooooh squuueeeeeeeeak. Me, me, me! It was so fab last year.

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