Sunday, 26 September 2010

3rd & Bird: with guest designer Claire Salisbury

Hi again, welcome to the second half of our guest designers weekend.

Our guest copy + paster today is Claire Salisbury whose daughter brought us the first of our '3rd & Bird' inspired projects yesterday, hop over to Hermione's post here if you missed it.

Following on from Hermione's super-sweet take on the CBeebies animated series, Claire was always going to have big shoes to fill [even though, they're actually a lot smaller in real life ... but you get my drift]. Yet she's certainly risen to the challenge and produced this beautifully colourful and charming bird-filled treasure.
I'll allow Claire to tell you all about it ...

Whilst browsing on Twitter one day Julie & Kirsty were discussing the childrens TV programme 3rd & Bird, [yep, that's about the level of our Tweeting! - Julie] I happened to mention to them that its one of the cartoons (that I'm forced to watch by my four year old daughter) that I really like as the characters are sweet & the main message of the programme is sharing, kindness, & generally being nice to others.
At this point Julie spotted a birdcage on my blog that was in need of altering & asked me to be a guest on Copy + Paste for a 3rd & Bird themed post. I was thrilled to be asked, but will now be watching what I say on Twitter :D
I knew I wanted 3 birds in my birdhouse but couldn't make them work, then Mum had a look in her bookcase & gave me a book called Creepy Creatures by Julie Sharp which shows you how to make pom pom creatures & accessories, its a fab little book with brilliant & easy creatures to make & you can easily adapt your pom poms to make any animal once you've got the basics.
The Wise Owl has a top hat & reading glasses; the baby birdie is wearing a small crochet hat [which I had to cheat & ask mum to make as my crochet skills are still rubbish] and is carrying a small yellow pom pom duck and finally Lady Talluahbelle has a crystal tiara, pearl necklace & a very fluffy tail.
They all live in a crochet nest (once again thanks to my mum & shame at my crochet skills, I really tried but it looked like a pancake) which hangs in the bridcage & has a bit of sparkle here & there. The vines on the outside were very easy to make, I ironed a square of plain cotton onto Vilene to strengthen the fabric, then painted each side with Gesso, left to dry, then painted again with pale green paint.
After that layer had dried, I cut thin strips of the fabric & twisted them around a pencil to make them curly, I found they hold their shape really well, these were wrapped around the bars of the birdcage & held in place with glue dots:I then attached lots of blooms to the vines with Glossy Accents, using buttons or gems as centres, the sign hanging on the front was made using a Tim Holtz Alterations Sizzix Die. The sign was distressed with paint & ink, the letters were also cut using a Sizzix Die.
I really hope you enjoyed stopping by Copy + Paste today & thanks to Julie & Kirsty for inviting me to be their guest.

Our guest copier Claire Salisbury ...
  • Is 30 and lives by the seaside in Blackpool with husband John-Paul, daughter Hermione and Asha ... the aging labrador.
  • She works part time and likes to make things at every chance she gets.
  • She dreams of owning my own private library and having a really big craft studio.

You can find Claire ....

Thanks Claire, for your gorgeous project today and for loaning us the talents of our youngest guest designer yesterday too.

As for you [yes, I do mean you] we'd simply love it if you'd consider leaving comments on our special guest posts this weekend.

And, as we don't want to be responsible for any mother/daughter rivalry ... we hope you'll leave a comment on both Claire's AND Hermione's '3rd & Bird' projects!

And, before I go ... I'd also love to know if we'd created any '3rd& Bird' converts out there amongst you yet. Do let us know!

Julie :-D

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