Friday, 7 May 2010

Guest: Natasha Collins

Every self-respecting party needs a cake and thanks to Natasha Collins from Nevie Pie Cakes we're celebrating a year of copying and pasting with 'CupCakes and PomPoms'!! We asked Natasha to give us a copy + paste insight into what inspired this fabulously fluffy confection!

*Cupcakes and Pompoms*

I am constantly being inspired, all the time, in fact sometimes it gets a bit tiring as I have so many ideas and projects going on in my head that I am in constant need of an extra make that two every week!

So I thought I would allow you inside my head (not always a logical place to be) and share the process that led to 'Cupcakes and Pompoms'.

It was my ten year anniversary recently so I found myself looking through my old wedding inspiration book. Everything then was torn from magazines as there weren't the fabulous blogs that there are now. I came upon this picture:...which then sparked the memory of this cake:
... which I'd
recently seen in the Herriot Grace online store. I seem to have developed a thing about flags on cakes, even ten years ago they appealed.

Fortunately that week I was visiting my parents, and my family can get really stroppy if I don't arrive with cake. So this was the perfect opportunity. I set my kidlets the task of colouring, cutting and sticking some flags which kept them happy (and quiet) for some time!They then decided to add beads to the flag poles, which were just cocktail sticks and wooden kebab sticks. We were all very pleased with the result and of course everyone enjoyed the cake.

I loved the flags and was pondering what else I could put on cakes when I came across this PrettyLittleThings tutorial and had a flash of inspiration.

How great would pompoms look as cupcake toppers?

Once again I set the kidlets to it and being my pompom makers kept them content over a drizzly bank holiday weekend. So that, in a long-winded-roundabout-way-story is how I came up with 'Cupcakes and Pompoms' to celebrate this very special occasion.

I'd love to thank The Copy and Paste Project for this opportunity to put at least one idea into practice and for inviting me to be a guest blogger. And to wish them a very happy first birthday and many many more blog birthdays to come!
And we'd like to thank Natasha, along with her artistic and industrious children, for all their hard work and for supplying the party with such a delightful supply of sugary and butter-creamy essentials!

If you'd like more information on Natasha's 'Nevie Pie Cakes' creations - such as these beauties:

... then visit her website, blog or Flickr gallery for futher details and exquisite eye candy!

Now the party's really begun, pop back in in the next hour where I'll be attempting to break the ice with the shy people in the kitchen while dragging the exhibitionists away from the dance-floor long enough to have a spot of conversation and a few Q+As.

I hope you'll join me ....

Julie :)


Curlywiggles said...

You are so mean to us. Now I am in need of cake and there is none to be found in the house! These all look so yummy!

PG said...

Natasha is a genius with cakes and decorating - her ideas and colours are simply beautiful always!

Carmen said...

I think my cupcake may have gotlost in the post... unless that's why my postie was so cheerful the other day! Grr!

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