Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I've been copying: Jack Wills, yet again!

Hi, hi, hi.

Earlier this week, I came home from work to find some good post waiting for me on the doormat: the latest Jack Wills handbook [which you can view online here].

So I settled down with a cup of tea and the catalogue and more than a drop of wishful thinking .... especially when I came to the page featuring the 'Swainby Dress':


One of my favourite dresses for my Barbie doll was red tartan and the combination of amazingly engineered Jack Wills dress and nostalgic flashbacks to dressing my dolls .... was quite a heady mix.

In fact, it led me to write the following somewhat drunk-with-dress-perfection tweet:

Have been admiring this @JackWills dress and wondering why I shouldn't have it and wear it all day everyday ...

However, once I'd come down from my fashion-high the reasons why I really wouldn't ever have it and wear it everyday began to come to me ... . And, while there were only 2 reasons .... they're biggies:

  1. the price;
  2. the fact I'm cold even when wearing 4 layers and a radiator.

But then, as if the fashion gods wanted to soften the blow for me ... while cutting through the shopping centre on my way to work, I spied this:

*Paste* A tartan shirt / light jacket which must have been made in response to my rational reasons above because ... Not only will its cosy double-layered brushed cotton serve to keep the hypothermia at bay ...... at £15:00 it was £434:00 less damaging to my bank balance. And the best thing about it is that, when I win the lottery and get to buy the dress anyway ... I can slip this over the top! Win win!

Julie ;-)

p.s We featured in our first newspaper article this week! It was on the very day I bought this jacket too, so it's been good times all round at Copy + Paste Towers this week!

If you haven't seen the article already, you can have a peek at it here.


{clockwork lemon} said...

That dress is amazing! I am in love with the giant bow

Clair said...

Do you really wear four layers AND a radiator? :)

Claireliz said...

OMG!!! I need that dress, its amazing.Well done on the newspaper article

Carmen said...

The dress... love thetartan - am in love with tartan anyway but dresses - I don't do dresses. I MUCH prefer your gorgeous shirt! Oh wow. Was that from a local shop or would a drooling admirer be able to get one online do you think?

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Carmen - thanks! It is a bit lovely isn't it? The shirt was from a shop called 'Lemon' that mainly sells accessories - not sure if it's a national shop though. I think the label in the shirt says 'Gate One' [I'll check when I'm back home for you.] :-)

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alexa said...

Gorgeous shirt! Looking forward to seeing you in it. With or without the radiator. I have been known to walk round the house with a hot water bottle buttoned inside my warmest woolly cardigan. Still trying to work out how to make a sling-type arrangement so I can carry one down my back as well. :)

Denise said...

love your win win attitude!!

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