Monday, 11 October 2010

Mapping out the days. *12 days* in fact.

Hi, hi, hi.

Don't move. Don't go anywhere. Don't leave the house. OK?


The weather is getting colder [or at least here in the UK it is]; the nights are getting darker and pretty soon you'll have to begin constructing your suit of armour for when you go battling the baying late-night-shopping mob.

But, here at Copy + Paste we think you deserve to be treated better. We want to prevent you getting cold fingers, bruised ribs and aching arms and by taking the '12 Days' workshops you can avoid the mad rush for Christmas shopping in more ways than one ....

Not only will we show you 12 main handmade gift ideas [plus many additional extras - see Kirsty's post yesterday for the full breakdown] ... we've made sure that the majority of the supplies you'll need to do this can be found without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

In fact, to complete your shopping list for '12 Days' supplies all you're going to need is this [the cosy drink and snowball are optional]:

The '12 Days' shopping map! [You can right click on the photo and open the link for a closer view]

We firmly believe that, during this class, you should be able to do your shopping in comfort.

And, if that means you're in your 'comfies'; your pyjamas; your dressing gown; your hoodie with the cuffs which are both hanging on by a thread [or is that just me?] or even .. in your Slanket ... then so be it!

Here's how ....

You Are Here:

... at your computer / laptop / fancy phone / internet configured thingimmy bob .. whatever it is, but that's where you are right now ... I'm pretty certain of that. And that's also where you'll be when Kirsty and I upload each of your 12 full-colour photo tutorial .pdf files to the secure blog.

Then, to start 'shopping' for the supplies you'll need you need go no further than the various rooms in your house as we've made sure to focus on everyday materials you can easily source from the home.

How about I give you a quick guided tour around the shops right now? Go grab your 'bag for life' then, and follow me ... being careful not to trip on your Slanket on the way:
[Right click on the image above to open in a new, larger, window]

For example, we could go up to your bedroom [no, I'm not making an indecent proposal]:
... and while we're there we can shop for items such as paper shopping bags from clothes shops, hang/price tags from new clothes, a few wooden coat-hangers and any old clothes or jewellery you'd like to recycle.

All of which could form the basis of the projects we have for you on days 2,4, 5, 9 and 11, to name but a few.

Similarly you could head into the loft for broken pieces of jewellery, old books and fabrics [for projects 2, 4 6, 7 and 8]:
Then dig out any fabric, yarn, wool, ribbon or string you have in your cupboards for projects including those on days 2, 3 and 9.

Move on now to your bookshelves and add to your basket some old books, old photo albums, empty notebooks [we know you have them!!] and any scraps of decorative papers you have for days 1, 2, 7, 8, 11 and 12:
And, finally, if you can manage one last trip, this time to the kitchen, you can stock up on old fridge magnets, wooden clothes pegs and pulses and grains ready for projects 1, 6 and 9!

So, there you have it ... a full set of supplies for 12 workshops without ever once having to cross your threshold, comb your hair, apply lip gloss and remember your purse!

If you've signed up already ... you can avoid the rush and start your shopping right now!

And if you haven't signed up yet ... I hope the lure of guilt-free shopping in your PJs has finally swayed you ....

Julie ;-)

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Claireliz said...

Love your map, wish, I could draw like that :D

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