Sunday, 15 November 2009

12 Days of favourite blogs


Kirsty and I are hosting a giveaway on our secure blog, for those people who are currently taking our '12 Days: A Copy + Paste Christmas' workshops [If you are signed up to the workshop and haven't entered the giveaway yet then remember that tomorrow - Friday 20th - is the deadline!].

To enter the giveaway our 'students' simply had to list three of their current favourite blogs. We've compiled a list of every blog that was mentioned [some on the list were mentioned more than once] and we thought we'd share them with you all over here.

A Beautiful Mess
Andrea Gourley
Angry Chicken

Artsy Crafty Babe
Art Mind Etcetera
Banana Frog
Betz White
Card Craft Creations
Country Heart + Home
Dina Wakely
Dyan Reaveley
Efemera Ink
Emily Falconbridge
From High in the Sky
Gauche Alchemy
Heather Bailey
Ikkis Cuttlebug Cupboard
It's a Creative World
Japan Couture Addicts
Lisette Gibbons
Lucy Kate Crafts
Paper Seaside
Pom Pom Emporium
Print + Pattern
Quilt Kat
Sea Breezes
Scraps, the City and Me

Stephanie Howell
Swirly Arts
The Green Frog Studio
Who Is Hannah Banana

I don't know if we carried out some sort of psychological analysis of all those blogs we could work out who the archetypal '12 Days' student is ....but it was interesting to get a glimpse into the styles of art and craft currently inspiring the kind of people who chose to take our class.

Speaking of which, while tomorrow is also our final day for uploading new projects to the secure 12 Days blog, we ARE NOT closing registration. All of the 12 main projects [with fully downloadable step-by-step files], the extra inspiration posts and all of the free templates and printables will remain exactly where they are for the foreseable future.

If you wanted to join us but couldn't sign-up previously then you're more than welcome to pop along now. We'll still be available to answer any of your questions and the 12 projects are not Christmas themed they're just gifts you could give at Christmas. And if you were looking for something crafty someone can buy you as a gift - one which won't even need wrapping - then you could add "registration to '12 Days'" to your list!

We'll be back with a new Copy+Paste challenge as soon as we've reflected on the whole 'hosting an online class venture', and as soon as we've waded our way through the whirlwind of stash and mess we've created ... and as soon as we've slept!

Until then ....

Julie :)

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Debbie said...

Thanks for the link to my blog :D Off to have a look around your site a little more as it looks very interesting!! :)


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