Sunday, 16 August 2009

Banana Frog Giveaway winner.

Hi there you smashing, swappy, Copy + Pasters you.

We're so pleased that so many of you dropped by to take part in our giveaway but we can only swap one of your comments for a set of Banana Frog stamps.

As promised I closed the giveaway at 21:00 [GMT] this evening when there was a total of 58 comments:
Then I let Mr. Random Number Generator do his best:

And that makes Joy our winner!

Congratulations Joy. Just one more swap stands between you and your stamps - I'll swap you my email address: nabview[at] for the address which you'd like me to send your prize to. Deal?

I'll get your new stamps sent to you ASAP.

Before I go I just want to give a honourable mention to 'Jimjams' who threw in her own entry for 'original naming of a postal worker' alongside Kirsty's 'Italian Tony' and my 'The bald one in the van who knows me'. Her 'Craig's Dad' was a worthy contender!

Thanks again everyone for taking part. :) :) :) We'll be back soon with our next challenge. Until then, happy swapping!

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