Thursday, 2 July 2009

...and you, and you

flurry [noun]: a sudden, short period of activity, excitement or interest

"Readers’ comments have prompted a flurry of giveaways on The Copy + Paste Project this week."

Yep, today it’s my turn to tear up scraps of paper and pick a pair of winners from my trusty bobble cap. Inserting your own drum-roll here, the lucky pickees are:

Congratulations, lovely commenters! If you want to drop me an email with your contact info via the link on this page, I’ll get the cuff sent off to Anne, and Little Yellow to Sarah. 

Thanks so much to everyone else who entered and left such kind comments. There were also a couple of people who asked about the buttons on my yellow screensaver. You can find the set here (they make up part of a vintage kit from Kitschy Digitals) and, if you look closely, you’ll see they’re the same set used on the yellow glove, necklace and journal projects in the original yellow post. I’m planning to post a customise-your-desktop tutorial over on my blog in the next day or two, for anyone who’s not sure how it works (I’m no techno-genius, so it’ll be a pretty straightforward affair). The yellow buttons, although super-cute, aren’t a pre-requisite – you can use clip-art or photographic images, as well as your favourite digital scrapbooking supplies (even the free ones!).

So, I think that’s just about it from our little flurry of colour-themed excitement. Regularly scheduled Copy+Pasting will resume shortly. Although, no post being complete without at least one pretty picture, I think there’s maybe space for one, last yellow hurrah, courtesy of some Flickr favourites.


Carmen said...

Ooh lovely :) Will definitely be checking out that tutorial :D

emma lamb said...

hi Kirsty and julie... :)

thank you so much for stopping by my wee blog and for your lovely comments about my pot holders, i appreciate them very much... :)

oh, and i saw this mosaic on flickr... usually i'm not a fan of yellow but i found a few new favourites in this one... very pretty!

have a fab weekend my dears,

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